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Career in Japan

How does one opt for a career in Japan?

  • For a career in Japan, one needs to know the Japanese Language – N5, N4 and N3
  • Any Engineer is eligible for this Program
    • 60% or above in aggregate is expected
    • Knowledge of IT is a must
  • Intakes are twice in a year
    • April intake – with December 24th as last date for enrolment
    • October intake – with May 24th as last date for enrolment

Career Options Open include…

Automobile Industry

  • Embedded Code Analyser for detecting crashes, freezes and erratic behaviour.
  • 3D modelling, Design Automation, work on heat exchange systems, HVAC, CPM, Exhaust and Compressor systems, Thermal Analysis, Transient Shock & Wind load Analysis.

Communications Industry

  • System Engineering, Design, Validation, Firmware development, Testing & debugging, Lab Setup and Maintenance for Bluetooth enabled printing for 3G/4G products, Mobile backhaul solution portfolio
  • Testing and validation of Network equipment based on Openstack, Cloud Foundry, Hybrid SDN, New Network Architecture based on SDN / NFV and Security architecture design

Semiconductor Industry

  • Chip design and verification and Mobile middleware and application development

Other opportunities include

  • Retail Industry
    Building Analytics insights around Customer loyalty , Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Integrated Marketing Effectiveness
  • Pharmaceutical and Insurance
    Customer Analytics and Decision making process platform for Cross-Sell solution using cross channels and reduction in customer attrition using predictive models
  • Beverage Industry
    Data acquisition & aggregation, data cleansing, advanced data analytics, report design & generation, insights generation
  • Transportation Industry
    Fare Filling, Import documentation, tariff update, export documentation, terminal operations, booking, contract & pricing
  • Electronics, media and entertainment Industry
    Language decoupling to optimize costs, Standardized invoice and reconciliation templates, Technology Enablement, Reporting & Governance Structure
  • Music Industry
    25 language support across 40 client locations in 5 countries
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