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About us
  • Largest islands accounts for 97% of land area.
  • Most islands are mountainous.
  • World’s 10th largest population, approx, 128 million people
  • The Greater Tokyo Area - Largest metropolitan area in the world
  • Only one Language, Nihongo (popularly known as Japanese is spoken) through-out the nation

Why Japan?

  • Japan has more than 65,000 people who are more than 100 yrs old! By 2017, this number will cross 100,000
  • The average age of Japan, as a nation is 46.5 years and that makes them the oldest nation in the world.
  • Japan is on the forefront of Automobile Engineering, Nano Technology, Robotics and other technologies but lack in IT. Primarily for the reason that the Japanese do not speak English and Programming languages use English in their syntax.
  • Japan is thus looking for Indian Engineers with knowledge of IT.40,000 of them over the next 3-4 years

JET and the Interview Process

  • “Japanese Career Eligibility Test” (JET)
    • 90 minutes / 100 questions
    • OMR based (paper and pen)
    • Four components
      • General IT
      • General Awareness
      • General Aptitude
      • General English
  • Interview
    • Non Technical
    • To understand compatibility of a candidate
Test Data

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